to a new level
of comfort


Magnetic Posture Corrector

This magnetic back support is ideal to keep a correct posture avoiding back pain. This posture corrector features 12 magnets (400 G) that are strategically located.


Memory Foam Sole

This pair of memory foam insoles will help your feet all day long with a new level of comfort in every step. Can be used in any kind of shoe.


Dr Gem Sole

Massage and energise your feet effortlessly while you walk. Just insert them in any shoes and discover a new level of health.


Platinum Walk Fit

Harmonise your body from the base! Dr. Gem™   Unique system composed of a base sole and 3 adjustable layers of curvature that adapt to


5cm in 1sec

Get to the top! With the 5cm in 1sec ™ insoles nobody will look down on you. Up to +5cm in 1 second.



Absorbs the impact of your heels when walking or running. The result will be less pain in your ankles and knees at the end of the day..


Thermic Insoles

Thermic insoles are specially designed to keep your feet warm and cosy preventing external cold from reaching your feet.


Posture Armor

Improve your posture thanks to the magnetic therapy. Includes 12 strategically placed magnets to reduce pain and stress and improve circulation.

Body Detox Foot Patches

Body Detox Foot Patches

A scientific combination of natural toxin-discharging elements, which will help your body to eliminate impurities while you sleep.


Magnetic Silicone insoles

They increase the sensation of well-being in each step.


Acu Spots Massage Slippers

Discover a new level of well-being with every step you take!


Unisexy Patches

Release tension and muscle pain of all kinds with Unisexy Patches


Armor Belt ™

The Armor Belt ™ protects the lower back and abdomen when doing both sport and jobs that require physical effort.


Slimming Magnetic Toerings

The Armor Belt ™ protects the lower back and abdomen when doing both sport and jobs that require physical effort.

Improve your posture thanks to the magnetic therapy

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